Carpe Vinum


Carpe Vinum

An exciting place in Promenaadi Wine Studio

Poordi 3, Tallinn


Projector / LCD screen



Venue cost 390

Price includes VAT.
Price includes only venue rent and technical equipment mentioned above.
Catering and extras can be add while finishing your order.

Carpe Vinum Promenaadi Wine Shop-Studio is an innovative concept. Our goal is to sell wine, talk about wine, provide opportunities for different events and be the first choice for all wine lovers. Here is a thoughtful and flexible family. We offer a variety of wine trainings, wine tastings and unique wine poker. The sommelier helps organize events and choose wines. The choice of event formats is unlimited. Everyone looking for new and interesting opportunities in the city center for their events is welcome here. Be it an anniversary, meeting, company event, thanking a partner or presentation, we will definitely find the right solution.

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