Fun & Zen Stuudio Zen room


Fun & Zen Stuudio Zen room

Vabaduse pst 128, Tallinn

Blackout option


Free parking

Projector / LCD screen



Venue cost 50

Price includes VAT.
Price includes only venue rent and technical equipment mentioned above.
Catering and extras can be add while finishing your order.

Fun & Zen Studio is a unique center created to provide mental, physical and emotional balancing activities. We have body / mind and dance training, health workshops, training and lectures.

Fun & Zen Studio is an ideal place of stay for travelers seeking charm, comfort and convenience in Cologne. It’s easy to get here and avoid the congestion of downtown Tallinn. Organize a workshop or active workout, workshop, training, lecture, seminar, meeting, business meeting, meeting, presentation or catering reception. The Zen space is 23m2. Folding tables are available.
Order a great party package from us or create your own event plan. We are very helpful in organizing and finding the necessary contacts. If necessary, we help with marketing.
Fun & Zen Studio’s cozy and artistic atmosphere is perfect for a team that values ​​mental, physical and emotional balance. Here is the perfect opportunity to integrate spiritual activity with active exercise in nature! Fresh air and a peaceful environment support creativity and bring new energy to any venture! Renting an entire studio costs 30 euros per hour.

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