Hotell Sophia north hall


Hotell Sophia north hall

Unbelievably good meeting room!

Ringtee 75, Tartu

Blackout option


Free parking

Projector / LCD screen



Venue cost 195

Price includes VAT.
Price includes only venue rent and technical equipment mentioned above.
Catering and extras can be add while finishing your order.

The hotel name Sophia [σοφία] means wisdom in Greek. The hotel logo design combines the Greek transcription of SOPHIA with the hotel ring road, which is a good hub between the nearest major cities. Restaurant Fii is the heart of Hotel Sophia (pronunciation: soFIa).

Organize your next event with us! We offer the best service in Tartu. The restaurant combines simplicity with appealing flavors. We are very versatile and we come along with the crazy ideas of the client 🙂 Everyone can find something for us!

Our potential clients are the people who want to have a conference, but also have a taste of it. We welcome people who want to conduct their seminar in one of the most inspiring rooms. It’s not just a conference, it’s an experience!

The minimum rent is 100 euros.

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