Klinkberg Summer Venue


Klinkberg Summer Venue

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May 1st – September 1st, 2019 Klinkberg Summer Venue is located in Kaberneeme harbor.

Kaberneeme has up to 600 m2 of space available to you and your guests, as well as spacious terraces and a sandy beach that we can design according to your wishes and needs. In addition, all basic amenities are provided, incl. modern and spacious toilet and wardrobe. We are located about 35km from Tallinn, less than 30 minutes drive. Large on-site parking for both cars and buses, boats and yachts are also welcome. The maximum number of people is 300, classroom style is 200. We offer a restaurant Neem from the kitchen and a small outdoor stage can be used if you wish. Rental price 350 euros per hour.

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