Seminar and party room in The Widget Factory


Seminar and party room in The Widget Factory

Love hall

Kastani 42, Tartu

Blackout option

Free parking

Projector / LCD screen



Venue cost 400

Price includes VAT.
Price includes only venue rent and technical equipment mentioned above.
Catering and extras can be add while finishing your order.

Love Hall is a multifunctional party and seminar room located in Apparatus Factory at the Creative Center of Tartu. The hall of love is made special by its industrial ambience, its special and high-value location and the private micro park associated with the hall.

The Love Hall is a universal 160 m2 space (including 17m2 rear space, 30m2 utility room) on the 1st floor of the IV Apparatus Factory. This space holds and demonstrates most of the industrial past of the entire historic factory, while being filled with comfort and security solutions. The hall of love can be used to hold concerts, parties, meetings, seminars, markets, hobby schools – the space is by its very design. The Love Hall features a private micro park between the two houses, which allows you to hold a pop-up cafe, an outdoor exhibition, do yoga or simply breathe in the fresh air.

The Apparatus Factory has a number of food outlets and entertainment facilities that offer ample opportunity to organize your event even better.

The Love Hall is for people who don’t want to organize their event in a sterile, non-inspirational environment, but want to surprise their customers and guests with something new. The minimum rental duration is 4 hours and the rental fee is 160 euros. Hourly price is 40 EUR and daily price is 400 EUR. For evening events, the rental starts at € 350.

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