Terms and conditions of use



Terms and Conditions of Use—terms and conditions applied to the use of the Webpage, which are obligatory for all the persons on the Webpage and making purchases or bookings or completing other actions via the Webpage.

Intermediary (hereinafter referred to as the Intermediary and/or MySpotit)—Spotit OÜ; (registry code: 14459937, location: Telliskivi 60, Tallinn 10412, Estonia; team@myspotit.com),


Completed booking—a booking confirmed by the Event Venue Provider or another Service Provider pursuant to which the Event takes place according to the confirmed booking; or at any other time or place, or on other terms of the agreed-upon Event, if the Event Venue Provider and/or another Service Provider has come to an agreement with the Customer.

Cancelled booking — in case of a confirmed booking, the Customer informs the Event Venue Provider or another Service Provider about the cancellation and/or the postponement of the Event for a time period of no more than 3 years as of the date of the booking, one day before the agreed-upon event should take place.

Confirmed booking — the booking of an event by a Customer, which takes place within 12 months as of the moment of making the booking with the Service Provider or the booking of a remote office by a Customer, which takes place within 30 days as of the moment of making the booking with the Service Provider.

Customer—a natural or legal person (via representative) who uses the Webpage and/or the Service with the purpose of ordering or, vice versa, acquiring a certain service for themselves and/or for third parties.

MySpotit Pass – permission for one user to use up to 10 times different working desks of Remote Offices offered by the service provider in one month.

Service—services which the Service Provider provides to users either via the Webpage or in another way.

Service fee — fee subject to be paid by the Event Venue Provider or another Service Provider pursuant to the provisions of the given Terms and Conditions of Use for the use of the MySpotit.com environment.

Mediation—services which SPOTIT OÜ provides to its users via the Webpage or in any other way.

MYSPOTIT.COM team—every employee, representative, agent or any authorized person of Spotit OÜ or MySpotit.com, who acts in the name of Spotit OÜ or MySpotit.com.

Intellectual property—includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, design solution rights, trademarks, logos, useful models, applications regarding the aforementioned, know-how, trade secrets, domain names, service protection rights, or other rights of intellectual or industrial property (and licenses in connection with the equivalent); in any case, either registered, unregistered, or suitable for registration, including registration applications, and all the rights and forms of protection with an equivalent or similar effect globally.

Announcement—a proposition suggested by the Event Venue Provider or another Service Provider to make an offer.

Trial day – possibility to use once remote office working desk without purchasing a monthly ticket.

Webpage—the online environment www.myspotit.com and/or its subpages and subdomains.

Event venue, venue or remote office — a location or a number of locations operated by the Service Provider, which are available for rent and which the Event Venue Provider has advertised to be used as event venues via myspotit.com.

Event Venue Provider—a person whose services are listed and/or can be purchased on the Webpage or via the Webpage.

Remote office provider – a person whose services are listed and/or can be purchased on the Webpage or via the Webpage.


1.1. By using the Webpage, you confirm having read the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Webpage, agreeing with the terms to the fullest extent and undertaking to meet the latter.

1.2. Should any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use become invalid due to a contradiction with the law, it does not make the other provisions void.

1.3. Spotit OÜ may replace, amend, delete, and change the given Terms and Conditions of Use, the data submitted in the online environment, the structure, the content, etc. at any time at its sole discretion, incl. terminate the services provided on the Homepage or shut the Homepage down.

1.4. Spotit OÜ does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or actuality of the information disclosed in the online environment.

1.5. The right to use and publish all the data submitted in the online environment of myspotit.com belongs to Spotit OÜ, including the right to use the data in media, at events and fairs, advertising materials, etc.



2.1.1. Spotit OÜ replies to an inquiry submitted via the Homepage within one workday. In case the required Event Venue or Remote office is available on the terms in compliance with the inquiry, Spotit OÜ will send a booking confirmation and an advance payment request.

2.1.2. The booking will be confirmed by the payment of the sum stated in the advance payment request.

2.1.3. It is possible to change or cancel the confirmed bookings only on an agreement between the User and the Event Venue or Remote office.

2.1.4. The next day’s reservation must be made no later than 4PM of the previous working day.


2.2.1 Purchasing a monthly pass worth 129EUR (with VAT) provides one person a chance to work in different office spaces offered on the webpage by MySpotit.

2.2.2 The purchaser has the chance to buy a monthly pass for several natural or legal persons at once.

2.2.3 Right after booking a notification will be sent to the user’s e-mail which confirms the availability of the place by the selected date. The booking has not been confirmed without this notification.

2.2.4 The booking of office spaces is based on the principle “until places left”, meaning that in case of a 100% occupancy rate of Myspotit’s spaces, MySpotit shall not guarantee its availability for the requested date by the customer.

2.2.5 All the information on the furnishings and access to the spaces shall be provided separately to the Customer by Myspotit’s customer support either via e-mail or telephone or right after booking together with its confirmation.

2.2.6 The next day’s booking must be done in advance no later than 4PM of the previous working day.

2.2.7 For the trial day, the room can be booked no later than 4 pm at previous working day.

2.2.8 Monthly pass provides one person a chance to work in different office spaces offered on the webpage by MySpotit up to 10 times in a month.

2.2.9 Myspotit’s monthly pass provides access to various office spaces on the www.myspotit.com page. Different office spaces may provide additional services based on their own pricelist.

2.2.10 For an extra fee, the holder of the monthly pass has a chance to book the office spaces offered on the www.myspotit.com webpage with a 5% discount.

2.3 Remote Offices Payments, Settlement of Accounts, and Monthly Pass Cancellation

2.3.1 To purchase a monthly pass, the purchaser shall enter his or her credit card details.
If the purchaser prefers to get a monthly invoice to a company, he or she shall inform team@myspotit.com about such a request after making the purchase.

2.3.2 After order confirmation, the first monthly payment shall be booked immediately, and every following payment shall be booked on the same day of each following month.

2.3.3 The payments are not subject to refund.

2.3.4 The holder of the monthly pass has the chance to cancel the order at any moment of time by sending a respective request to team@myspotit.com. Upon order cancellation, the following monthly fee shall not be requested.

2.3.5 Before making the purchase, the purchaser shall confirm that he or she has read the Conditions of Payment and Use of the www.myspotit.com webpage.

2.3.6 Spotit OÜ has the right to amend the Campaign Conditions at any time and the obligation to inform a customer, who has already made a purchase, 5 working days before the amendment.


3.1. The Customer undertakes:

3.1.1. to present accurate personal data, incl. submit inquiries from their real and full name, and use a valid e-mail address;

3.1.2. not to use the Homepage for unlawful actions or activities, which do not conform to good practice (incl. the illegitimate use of the identity of another person);


4.1 Spotit OÜ processes personal data that the users of the online environment have submitted to Spotit OÜ in entering the data. First and foremost, the collected data are used for the identification of a user. Users are enabled to contact service providers to submit inquiries and to use other functionalities offered by the online environment. The data entered by the Customer upon placing an order shall be stored by Spotit with the purpose of fulfilling the order of the Service placed by the Customer and to improve the service provided to the Customer by Spotit.

4.2. The User submits the data selected by him/her in the use of the online environment. The User has the right to specify and correct his/her personal data, request the termination of the processing of personal data, and delete the collected personal data. In order to do that, the User needs to file a respective application to the e-mail address of Spotit OÜ outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

4.3. The User grants his/her consent to process the personal data to the extent described in the Terms and Conditions of Use with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of the services on the Homepage and the development of services by other ways.

4.4. Spotit OÜ collects and saves personal data in an electronic format, making extracts in other formats as well if necessary. Spotit OÜ is not obliged to store the personal data of the users of the online environment in the database of Spotit OÜ.

4.5. If a person has requested to receive commercial announcements, advertising materials, or information on the products, services, and activities of Spotit OÜ and its collaboration partners, his/her personal data will be used to send such information.

4.6 The personal data to be registered include data on the order of the Customer—customer name, company name (if applicable), address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, period of validity, and details of the selected Service.

4.7 Spotit is the data controller of personal data. Spotit shall forward:

4.7.1. the personal data necessary to process a payment to Stripe(Stripe Payments Europe Ltd), which is the data processor;

4.7.2. the personal data necessary to venue owners to fulfill the reservations


5.1 MySpotit is not responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations by the Customer or the Event Venue Provider.

5.2. A violation of an obligation is justifiable, if the Party violated the obligation due to force majeure. Force majeure is a circumstance which the Party could not have any impact on, and emanating from the principle of reason it could not be expected that the Party would consider such a circumstance, avoid it, or overcome the obstructing circumstance or its consequence at the time of the conclusion of the contract or at the time an extra-contractual circumstance occurred.

5.3. Spotit OÜ does not indemnify the Customer for any loss caused as the result of the amendment of the terms and conditions agreed with the Event Venue.

5.4. Spotit OÜ does not indemnify the User for any indirect loss, incl. loss of profit, and is not responsible for the aforementioned.

5.5. All the transactions are subject to the terms and conditions valid at the moment of the conclusion of the said transactions, except in case a condition resulted from a technical error of the Webpage.

5.6 The legislation of the Republic of Estonia is applied to the legal relationships emanating from the use of the Homepage.