Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere!

Marge from MySpoti, enjoying working from co-working center Forwardspace at Pärnu.


Do you remember when we were all locked into homes a few months ago and forced to quickly learn to work from home while doing a hundred other everyday tasks? 

It’s summer, holidays and in many companies, work has returned to normal. The moment of breath that gives you time to think about what autumn can bring to the work landscape.

Do you agree with me when I say that the home office is not the best place to work efficiently, and on the other hand, many people do not want to return to the “real” office?


So where would it be good and sensible to work?


The home office is in fact an incomplete name to express the freedom that working away from the office allows. In English, the term “Working From anywhere (WFA)” has been introduced, which does not mean working from home, but working exactly where we are most comfortable and productive. Some days are full of meetings, the next day we have to dive into writing projects or creating some long presentations. Some days we need a mixture of both. Some days we need intimacy at home, and the next day we need active communication with colleagues.

Yes – your workplace can be home. But it can also be a café, a coworking center, a record store or a cozy town hall on an island.


What about the future? Let me offer my vision here.


Imagine waking up at the usual time in the morning and looking at your calendar, deciding where it is best for you to work that day. In addition to different meetings, important criteria may include an evening running tour or going to the theater with a partner. This way, after reading the calendar, you will open a selection of places that would suit you best at that time, book a suitable desk for you and the day can begin. I believe that the most likely we will start working in a hybrid model: one or two days you will meet your colleagues and stay in your regular office, two to three days you will meet and work in places with good internet and a suitable atmosphere, and one day at home. Probably Friday is that day :).


What opportunities does “Working From Anywhere” provide?

– Flexibility to decide your schedule.

– Time savings from daily commutes to and from work.

– Alternation and the opportunity to work from where you are most comfortable on this day.

– Greater efficiency – work from the place that favors it most.

– Freedom and a better quality of life, in its best sense.


It is important that we understand that the situation that has arisen, has given us a unique opportunity to review the way we work and decide how to proceed. Let’s work from anywhere!

Hardi Kinnas

In this blog, I focus on MySpotit every day life and share tricks from telecommuting and meetings.